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Earth Observations Member - GEO WEEK 2023.

Lakes , sea and ocean significantly  contribute to the fish stock worldwide . Sustainable use of marine rsources requires effective monitoring  and management of the wolrd's  fish stocks. 

Indian ocean and lake Victoria  are ones sources of fish in East Africa as well as in Tanzania. Naturally , fish tend to aggregate in ocean and lakes  areas  that exhibit  conditions favoured by specific fish species , sea color varies according  to the concentration of chlorophyll and other aquatic pigments.

Romote sensing techniques  are now used to help management marine fisheries at sustainable levels.. it also gives guiding to locate fish schools more efficiently. This need to monitor and assess some relevant oceanographic  conditions  including sea surface, temperature, ocean color  and oceanic fronts which strongly influence natural fluctuations of fish stocks.

These conditions  can be observed and measured by remote sensors could capture images that able to observe the color of the light reflected  from shallow depths of the water as well as well as estimates the amount of the phytoplanton is growing in marine water mass.

Satellite thermal sensors are  capable to estimate the sea surface temperatures that influence the availability of phytoplankton . These kinds of sensors estimate the temperature of the top millimeter layer of the sea water surface. When the surface water are cold it is easier for deeper water vertically rise to the surface  beinging nutrients to sunlitareas.

When surface water ia warm, cooler nutrient rich water is trapped below.

So the best combination offshore fishing woluld be to find where the clean blue water (assuming the temperature is good )meets an area with a hogher level of plankton . This article  shows how the remotely sensed data are helpful providing near - rear time data and information to help fishermen save  fuel and ship time during their search  for fish , to modelets who produce fisheries forcast and to scientists who help develop strategies for sustainable fisheries management.

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