By Staff Reporter, Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam, 15 December, 2019: A Book that inspires Africa to think of implementing generational reforms to becoming world’s largest economy is expected to hit African book stores from January 2020.

Speaking during the interview with Tanzania’s ITV Channel over the weekend, Derek Murusuri, author of the much awaited book, said his 21-year researched book, is a game changer for Africa’s future.

“This book is for Africa. It brings back to African minds, the forgotten concept of liberation.

It breaths a fresh air in the struggle for Africa’s economic liberation in the World’s richest continent yet poor, a paradox indeed” the author said.

“The young men and women of Africa must now rise to the new helm, as the roads rise to meet them, to rejuvenate the possibilities embalmed in their dreams which will raise new values, norms and beliefs to lead the continent to economic triumphs,” he said.

The author who once lived and worked in the UK, said his book assures black people on earth to know and believe that they were never created to be followers, neither were they predestined underdogs.

He told ITV’s Kumekucha host, Abdallah Mwaipaya, that the book hits the African book stores on 15 January, 2020 after a grand launch in Tanzania’s business capital of Dar es Salaam.

Mr. Murusuri said he shares the ideas on solutions to end Africa’s centuries of economic bondage and hopelessness in his much awaited book. He did not reveal much contents neither did he reveal the presider.

The post-independence African leaders who came to power in recent years, exhibit the zeal to transform and change the continent, making it increasingly competitive.

What the book says and whether the continent will truly gamble to skip the hurdles and navigate through becoming the World’s leading economy, is a matter of weeks, when political scientists, academicians, politicians and other analysts will scan the book, review and implement the author’s ideas. 

In November, Tanzania’s third President, Dr. Benjamin Mkapa, had his memoirs titled “My Life, my Purpose,” inaugurated by Tanzania’s President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli.

Book readership in this East African country, is slowly rising as the country prides the largest University in East and Central Africa.

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