In celebration of International Women's Day, CFAO Mobility Tanzania and Stanbic Biashara Incubator collaboratively hosted an impactful event aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs and business owners. The event hosted at Stanbic Biashara Incubator offices in Dar es Salaam witnessed a gathering of accomplished women from diverse sectors who generously shared their success stories and provided invaluable mentorship to enthusiastic participants. The event sought to inspire and uplift the beneficiaries of the Stanbic Biashara Incubator.

Setting the stage for success, Anabahati Mlay, a prominent figure in business leadership, emphasized the importance of women setting clear goals, acquiring leadership skills, and mastering personal development. Ms. Mlay encouraged entrepreneurs to stay informed about business and marketing trends, fostering creativity, innovation, and diligent research. The significance of adaptability, growth, and the fulfillment that comes from empowering others was also underscored.
Naishiye Laizer, a Social Worker, Executive Director, and Founder, shared her inspirational journey of overcoming cultural barriers, emphasizing the importance of time management, planning, and unwavering commitment to business. Ms. Laizer also addressed the need to combat gender-based violence (GBV) and urged women to build confidence while rejecting such acts in marriages and relationships.

Farha Mohamed from Stanbic Bank Tanzania provided insider tips, emphasizing the need for female entrepreneurs to formalize their businesses, separate personal and business finances, and embrace authenticity. She also advised having a continuation plan in place for sustained business success.

Aneth Gerana, a deaf woman, shared her triumph over challenges and her dedication to empowering Women With Disabilities through her organization known as FUWAVITA. Acknowledging the Stanbic Incubator's role in her personal and professional growth, Ms. Gerana highlighted the training received as a catalyst for success.

Tharaia Ahmed, Director of Sales and Marketing at CFAO Mobility Tanzania, addressed the challenges faced by women in the automotive industry, encouraging boldness and resilience. She urged women to explore opportunities within the mobility sector, emphasizing the importance of preparation and actively seeking information about vehicles and financing options, such as Stanbic Bank's asset financing.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of empowerment and determination among female entrepreneurs, armed with the knowledge and inspiration shared by accomplished speakers. CFAO Mobility Tanzania and Stanbic Biashara Incubator's collaborative effort exemplified a commitment to fostering a supportive environment for women in business on International Women's Day.

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