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The 16th Chemchem Cup 2023, which aims to combat giraffe poaching, was launched in the Burunge Widlife Management Area .

Speaking at the launch, Babati District Commissioner Lazaro Twange on behalf of the Regional Commissioner, said that the chemchem CUP , in spite of raising sports talents, promotes preservation.

Twange has said that the 10 villages that make up Burunge WMA, ought to collaborate with the chem chem foundation that has managed tourism and conservation exercises in the area.

"We expect you to be good conservation ambassadors, provide information on those involved in poaching, and also continue to benefit from conservation," he said.

The Founder Chemchem association,Fabia Bausch  said that the chemchem CUP since its beginning, has been known to be of great benefit to include the community in preservation through conservation.

He said this year, for the first time, there will be 10 young ladies and soccer teams.

He said that the institution has set aside more than Sh 99 milion to make this year's championship a success.

Earlier, the chairman of the championship, Elasto Belela said that the preparations for the championship have been completed, and all participating teams have already been given sets of jerseys and balls for preparation.

He said that the first winner will be given a prize of sh 2.5 milion  the second 1.5 milioni the third 1 million.

Belela said for Queens soccer winner 1.5 milioni,second winner 1milioni and Third team winner 500,000

He added under18 winner will be given a prize of
1milioni,Second winner 600,000 and third under 18 winner 400,000.
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