Tanzania Media Women's Association, Zanzibar (TAMWA-ZNZ), reminds parents and guardians to continue to protect and ensure the safety of their children ahead of the Eid al-Fitr festivities.

As we enter the holiday season, we are delighted to join the community in these unique celebrations. However, alongside this joy, we would like to remind the community not to forget this inherent responsibility of safeguarding and ensuring the safety of our children.

Recently, we have witnessed an increase in Gender Based Violence (GBV) acts, from 1360 incidents in 2022 to 1954 incidents in 2023, representing an increase of 43.7%, according to the report from the Chief Government Statistician. The report also shows that the majority of the victims of these incidents are children, accounting for 83.7% according to the 2023 report.

Based on that analysis, we emphasize the importance of increasing efforts to reduce the GBV acts by being close to and monitoring the activities of the children/young people throughout the festive period.

We also recognize the importance of preserving and upholding Zanzibar's cultural values, especially in terms of attire and behavior, with the aim of ensuring the safety of the children. This holiday season provides a unique opportunity to uphold these values and keep our community on the right track.

We urge every member of society to take responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of our children and our community as a whole. As we approach the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, we wish you all the best and much happiness.


Dr. Mzuri Issa,



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