In a nod to the relentless efforts of global youth in catalyzing change, Lydia Charles Moyo, a woman from Tanzania, emerges as one of the six esteemed recipients of the prestigious Global Citizen Prize 2024. Her remarkable dedication to dismantling the shackles of poverty and fostering economic empowerment for girls and young women has earned her this coveted accolade, placing her alongside an illustrious cohort of changemakers.


Lydia's commitment finds its embodiment in 'Her Initiative,' an organization she established five years ago. Through this young women-led organization, she spearheads initiatives aimed at fostering financial independence among girls and young women, igniting hope and opportunity where once only despair prevailed. Her vision transcends borders, resonating with the ethos of empowerment and equality.


Reflecting on her momentous achievement, Lydia accredits the success to the collective endeavor of the Her Initiative team, alongside steadfast partners, donors, and supporters, both domestic and international. This prize means a lot to me and the work we are doing at Her Initiative. It eloquently underscores the resilience and determination of young women and girls, who harbor ambitious aspirations and dreams and tirelessly work to improve not only their own lives but also those of their communities”


I would also like to recognize the tireless efforts of every individual and organization involved both within Tanzania and beyond who have been instrumental in realizing our mission," she asserts, humbly acknowledging the collaborative spirit that propels their endeavors forward.


Addressing the profound gender disparities entrenched in economic access, Lydia underscores the imperative of their work at Her Initiative. Employing an innovative blend of economic empowerment strategies, they endeavor to disrupt the cycle of poverty and cultivate financial resilience among Tanzanian girls and young women. Central to their approach is the integration of technological innovations, exemplified by the revolutionary 'Panda Digital' platform. “This Swahili-based e-learning portal serves as a platform of opportunity, empowering over 5,000 young women learners from across Tanzania with essential skills in marketing and business acumen, while connecting them with opportunities and the network necessary to start and scale their businesses”, Ms. Moyo said.


In a statement seen by The Citizen, Liza Henshaw, President of Global Citizen, emphasizes the pivotal role of youthful leadership in effectuating tangible change. “If we are to address the world’s most pressing issues, we need to support young leaders who are taking action now,”she said.


It is an honor to celebrate these inspirational trailblazers, who are dedicating their lives to uplifting the most vulnerable in their local communities, and advancing the fight against ending extreme poverty across the world.”, Henshaw added.


Speaking with the Citizen, Anna Kulaya who serves as a board member for Her Initiative says that Lydia’s spirit is indomitable and the world should support such fearless leaders. “As the world applauds Lydia's indomitable spirit and visionary leadership, her triumph serves as a clarion call to action. In honoring her achievements, we need to affirm our collective commitment to fostering a more equitable and inclusive world, where every individual, especially girls and young women, is empowered to realize their full potential. More support should be directed to fearless young women leaders who are selflessly working towards a fair and inclusive world”, she said.               

The winners of the Global Citizen Prize 2024 will be celebrated during the Global Citizen NOW action summit on May 1 and 2 in New York, in the United States. Global Citizen is the world’s leading international advocacy organization on a mission to end extreme poverty. Powered by a worldwide community of everyday activists raising their voices and taking action, the movement is amplified by campaigns and events that convene leaders in music, entertainment, public policy, media, philanthropy and the corporate sector.

In the span of a decade, Global Citizen has facilitated the deployment of over $43.6 billion in commitments, catalyzing transformative initiatives that have touched the lives of nearly 1.3 billion people worldwide. This achievement underscores the organization's dedication to realizing a world free from the scourge of poverty, while heralding the power of collective action in driving progress on a global scale.

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