The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) strongly supports and welcomes the important step to review and finish Somalia's Constitution, which has been in draft form for a long time. This is very important for the Somali people, especially workers who have faced tough conditions and human rights abuses.

In a press release issued today, they ask all politicians and past leaders of Somalia to support the government in completing the constitution. They insisted that it is crucial to help the Somali people overcome their long-standing problems. Somalia needs a strong constitution to solve conflicts, improve governance, create jobs, build infrastructure, and boost productivity.

"Somalia must stop relying on foreign aid, which can cause more problems like droughts and support harmful groups. Our people deserve to escape poverty. Every Somali child should have good education, clean water, electricity, transportation, help for those with special needs, and support for mothers in small businesses" 

SOCOTU urgently urges the government to prioritize the people's welfare and the nation's well-being, putting aside personal interests. They  ask both parliament houses to focus on their duties, especially finishing the constitution and making laws for national progress.

They agree with the president about the importance of national unity and prosperity. They said Somalia needs to come together, leaving behind past disagreements. They call on all political groups to stop fighting and support the constitution process.

They emphasise that those who want outsiders to intervene in Somalia's constitution review are moving backward and hurting Somalia's democracy. This makes it hard for local and foreign investments that help Somali workers.

The union further implores that the Somali workers stand steadfastly behind the president, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, in advocating for the completion of the draft Constitution which took nearly two decades to be completed. The Somali workers unwavering support underscores the paramount importance of finalizing the draft, signaling a crucial step towards stability and progress for the nation.

Lastly, SOCOTU asks Somali politicians and past presidents to think about the people first. Fighting only makes things worse for their people. They insisted on joining hands and reject anything that tries to stop the government from leading Somalia to a better, safer future.


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