Ms. Tharaia Ahmed, Sales and Marketing Director of CFAO Motors Tanzania speaks during the opening of Fuso Week that took place at the company headquarters in Dar es Salaam.


CFAO Motors Tanzania recently hosted the first-ever Fuso week in the country, from 17th to 21st July 2023, at their headquarters in Dar es Salaam. The event was eagerly anticipated and saw participation from prominent partners in various sectors, including CRDB Bank, EFTA, Nanak, Techking, Rentco, and Fuso Genuine Spare Parts.

The primary goal of this exhibition was to offer Tanzanians and businesses the opportunity to explore enticing Fuso deals and discover the latest range of personal and commercial vehicles available at CFAO Motors. Ms. Tharaia Ahmed, Sales and Marketing Director of CFAO Motors Tanzania, emphasized that these vehicles were brand new, arriving directly from the factory to suit Tanzania's unique fuel, climate, and road conditions.

Furthermore, Ms. Ahmed urged attendees to prioritize Fuso trucks for their transportation needs, citing their exceptional advantages in sectors such as medical, agriculture, transport, and logistics. Compared to similar vehicles, Fuso trucks were hailed for their strength, reliability, and fuel efficiency. CFAO Motors provided additional benefits, including genuine spare parts and driver training and certification, ensuring vehicle and driver safety and durability through comprehensive after-sales services.

“Compared to other similar vehicles, Fuso is strong, reliable, and fuel-efficient. Additionally, at CFAO Motors we offer genuine spare parts and provide training and certification for our clients' drivers to ensure vehicle and drivers' safety and durability as part of our after-sales services." Said Ms. Tharaia.

The event saw the participation of over 100 representatives from various sectors, all of whom expressed enthusiasm for Fuso trucks. Zena Scaba, a Tanzanian businesswoman, remarked, "Honored to be invited by CFAO Motors Tanzania. Thank you for the invitation, and a big congratulation to the team! WE CHOOSE FUSO."

EFTA, a financial solution provider, also highlighted the advantages of using asset financing to swiftly acquire cars from dealers like CFAO Motors. Mr. Clerius Asiel, Head of Sales and Marketing at EFTA, emphasized their short loan processing time, where loan approval could be obtained within five days, and cars could be acquired within three weeks after fulfilling all requirements. 

“The best part about EFTA is that we have a very short loan processing time. Within five days, you can get approval for your loan, and within three weeks, after fulfilling all requirements, you can get your car”, confidently remarked Mr. Asiel. 

Throughout the event, attendees enjoyed numerous offers, with Fuso genuine spare parts being offered at a 15% discount not only to customers who purchased their vehicles from CFAO but also to other owners of Fuso Trucks in Tanzania.

CFAO Motors Tanzania stands as the official verified and authorized dealer of new and genuine Fuso trucks and spare parts. The company represents several reputable brands, including Volkswagen, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, and, of course, Fuso. Located at Pugu Road opposite TAZARA, they welcome visitors for test drives and other after-sales services.

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