Young women entrepreneurs in Tanzania are set to gather at the Panda Event 2023 on May 12th, organized by the Her Initiative organization in collaboration with the Kingdom of the Embassy of the Netherlands, UN-women, Women Fund Tanzania, NCBA, EFM and Dar- es -Salaam University Marketing Association. The event seeks to celebrate the success of the Panda Digital platform and create a dialogue on the theme of "Digital Skills for Transformative Business."

Through the Her Initiative organization, girls and young women in Tanzania are empowered with knowledge, skills, and resources to generate their own income, breaking the cycle of poverty and achieving financial resilience. Since its launch in 2021, the Panda Digital platform has provided skills development to over 5,000 young women entrepreneurs through the use of a website and an artificial intelligence SMS model.

The Panda Event provides a platform to acknowledge the contribution of young women entrepreneurs to the national economy and discuss issues surrounding the use of innovation and technology in transforming traditional businesses into digital businesses. Hon. Kundo Andrea Mathew, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Information Technology, will be in attendance, alongside young women entrepreneurs, government officials, CSOs, INGOs, and development partners, among others.


The event aims to create an enabling environment for young women to thrive in the digital economy and promote gender-responsive approaches that embed digital inclusion for young women. Through panel discussions and artistic expressions, Panda Event 2023 seeks to bridge the gender digital divide and promote technology that is inclusive and centred to the needs of women.

Panda Event 2023 is a one-stop platform for young female entrepreneurs in Tanzania to learn, improve skills, network, and access possibilities such as capital and markets. The event is an avenue for dialogue and building a collective voice that contributes to creating an enabling environment for young women to thrive in the digital economy.

According to Lydia Charles Moyo, Director of Her Initiative, "Through Panda Digital, a greater number of girls and young women will be reached." The Panda Digital platform has transformed the lives of young women entrepreneurs in Tanzania, as testified by Asha Hemed, a beneficiary of the platform, who says, "Before I knew about Panda Digital, my business was small and lifeless, it didn't make any changes in the community, and I did live an ordinary life, but all that changed after I knew about Panda Digital".

The Panda Event 2023 is an opportunity for young women entrepreneurs in Tanzania to connect, share experiences, and build networks that will enable them to thrive in the digital economy.


Note to Editors

Her initiative is a young women led organization that reframes the value of girls and shapes new norms by breaking the cycle of poverty and creating financial resilience amongst girls and young women in Tanzania. Her-initiative provides girls with knowledge, skills and connects them with resources to help them generate their own income. Through our work, we encourage the participation of girls and young women in income generating activities in order to achieve gender equality and inclusive economic growth.


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