Rais mstaafu wa Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo akihutubia Mkutano wa Bunge la Afrika (Pan African Parliament – PAP), Jumanne Novemba 8,2022 ambapo amelihimiza Bunge la Afrika kuchukua jukumu muhimu katika kuhakikisha usalama, amani na utulivu barani Afrika.
Rais mstaafu wa Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo akihutubia Mkutano wa Bunge la Afrika (Pan African Parliament – PAP), 

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and African Union (AU) High Representative for the Horn of Africa, H.E Olusegun Obasanjo has urged the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) to play a pivotal role in ensuring security, peace and stability in Africa.

The renowned African Statesman addressed the PAP Plenary at the ongoing first Ordinary Session of the sixth Parliament of the PAP in Midrand, held under the African Union theme for 2022: “Building resilience in nutrition on the African continent: Accelerate the human capital, social and economic development”.

Recalling the context leading to the establishment of the PAP, H.E Obasanjo underscored the significance of the Continental Parliament in the AU governance, peace and security architecture.

“The objectives for which the PAP was established have not changed and the contribution of this Parliament is required now more than ever. Indeed, it must be emphasised that the PAP is not an unnecessary institution. It’s an institution that should be part and parcel of the instruments that will lead us to the Promised Land,” said President Obasanjo.

The AU High Representative further urged the PAP to reclaim its power and rightful place as the voice of the African citizens at a time when the continent grapples with numerous challenges, especially on the peace and security front. He challenged the PAP to harness its potential and be more visible on the continent.

“You have power and you must not let anyone dictate that power. For instance, you can discuss, examine and make recommendations to policy organs on your own initiative. Your Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolution should be at the forefront of leading initiatives involving peacebuilding across the continent as we try to contain instability in the face of unconstitutional changes of government. There’s a lot to do if we are to achieve peace and this body has a central role to play,” he said.

H.E Obasanjo said that he was encouraged by the issues tackled by the PAP as part of the business related to the first Ordinary Session of the sixth Parliament. Among the other four motions, the PAP Plenary adopted a motion congratulating the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and Tigray People’s Liberation Front on the Signing of the Peace Agreement. The motion also congratulated the AU mediators led by President Obasanjo for their stewardship and impartiality which became a hallmark of this peace agreement.

Describing the process that led to the peace agreement, H.E Obasanjo said:

“It wasn’t easy for us to achieve a Peace Agreement in Ethiopia. The process is challenging, long and frustrating, but because we are determined to see peace and stability in Africa, we managed to bring together the warring parties to the table to convey our vision for a united Ethiopia. We had to be neutral, friendly and appreciative to everyone despite whatever reservations we had. I encourage you as the PAP to also develop that spirit; the spirit that borders around resilience and focus.”

“I am pleased that we have managed to create an environment in Ethiopia whereby people who were foes can now live together. We are glad that all outstanding disputes were resolved in a principled manner. I believe that if we managed to resolve Ethiopian challenges then we can find solutions in other parts of Africa,” he added.

Meanwhile, H.E Hon. Chief Fortune Charumbira hailed the role of President Obasanjo in Ethiopia and across the continent and described his address to the PAP as historic and a testament to the Parliament’s revival.

“As Africans, we celebrate your efforts which have produced very good results in Ethiopia. As the Chief negotiator, you have delivered peace in that country, and this is an incredible achievement. With people of your calibre, Africa is in good hands,” said H.E Hon. Charumbira.

H.E Hon. Charumbira also briefed the former President of the Oil rich nation about motions that the PAP adopted and noted. These include a motion on the DRC-Rwanda conflict, a motion on illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US and its allies, the Mozambique terrorism challenges motion and the Uganda Oil project motion.


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