President of the African Parliament (Pan - African Parliament - PAP) Hon. Senator. Chief Fortune Charumbira speaking while opening the sixth Parliamentary Assembly, the first regular session today, Monday October 24, 2022, at the PAP Assembly hall in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo By Kadama Malunde - Malunde 1 blog
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Bureau has jointly met with the Bureaus of the Permanent Committees and Regional Caucuses, Women’s Caucus and Youth Caucus ahead of its first Ordinary Session of the sixth Parliament that will hold from October 24 to November 11, 2022, to consider the programme of the session.

The Session, which will be held at the Parliament’s Headquarters in Midrand, South Africa, will be guided by the African Union theme of 2022 ‘Building resilience in nutrition on the African continent: Accelerate the human capital, social and economic development.’

Speaking at the meeting, the President of the PAP, H.E Hon Chief Charumbira commended the working spirit shown by the Members of Parliament thus far as the continental Parliament works towards renewing and reinvigorating the Parliament.

“We are here to transform the lives of African citizenry, to achieve a better life for our women and youth, and to ensure that Africa progresses and is better for future generations. Africa has not done well, the PAP has not done well either, but we are saying we want to do better and as a Parliament, we have made strides in this direction.”

H.E Hon Chief Charumbira added: “Our programmes should reflect the aspirations of the African people. As a result, it becomes imperative for the Committees to be well versed with those expectations. When you plan as a committee you need to respond to those expectations so that your committee remains relevant.”

“We need to interrogate how we will put this theme into an action plan and must come up with a program that speaks to this theme. The theme is divided into two aspects - the first one being to accelerate human capital and the second one focusing on social and economic development.”

Finally, H.E Hon Chief Charumbira stressed that the various Bureaus and Caucuses had to stop working in isolation and urge them to start communicating and collaborating effectively.

As preparations for the Session gather momentum, the main highlights of the plenary will include a High-Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance in Africa under the theme: “Unconstitutional changes in government and political transitions in Africa”. The 13th Conference on Women’s Rights is also expected to take place on the margins of the Ordinary Session with a focus on “Women empowerment and inclusion on governance” while the Permanent Committees of the PAP will present various reports for debate and adoption by the plenary, following successful deliberations during the August Sittings of the Permanent Committees.


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