Dar es salaam Regional Commissioner Saidi Meck Sadiki
DAR ES SALAAM Regional Commissioner Saidi Meck Sadiki on Tuesday ordered the Ilala Municipal Council to issue a notice to all people living fifty metres near the condemned 16 storey building located at Indira Gandhi Street to pave way for its demolition slated for Saturday, this week.

Under the notice, at least 20 families are ought to shift and others suspend their business activities effectively by Friday evening this week until the demolition is over.

In the same vein, the RC also ordered engineers on the site to cordon off the area to prevent people from penetrating the site thus avoid any risks during demolition.

Addressing reporters after visiting the condemned building, the RC said that the move would make it possible for the contractor to demolish the structure safely.

He, however, made it clear that families that would be temporarily moved will foot the bill on their own for his office is not liable.

During demolition, he noted, no one shall be allowed to enter the restricted area for whatever reason. “This will involve all people located along Asia, Mali, Indira Gandhi streets and other neighbouring streets,” RC Sadick said.

Sadiki said that without taking the necassary precautions, families might suffer serious risks including loss of life and property.

“We have jointly agreed that all people will move to make way for the contractor to do his job as well as to ensure their own safety,” he said, adding that people operating businesses in the area should temporary suspend activities.

On his part, Ilala Municipal Director Isaya Mngurumi said his office has already issued notice to the residents that they should vacate and suspend their businesses by Friday evening this week.

He, too, said hat his office will not be liable in term of compensation to the people who will have to temporarily relocate.

The director said that residents would be allowed to return to their homes after demolition of the building is completed.

“The contractor has assured that there will not be any casualties or risks as a result of the demolition, noting that all the necessary precautions have been taken,” he said.

Consulting Engineer, who will oversee the exercise, Engineer Switurn Mgaya said his company will demolish the structure with care for 51 days and not more to allow residents to return to their homes and businesses to resume.

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