Number of children with albinism increases at Lake Zone PwA centre

The number of children with albinism seeking refuge at the Buhangija centre has increased to 215 from 180 in December last year following resurfacing of killings of people with albinism in the Lake Zone. 

The killings of people with albinism which were somehow controlled by the authority have resurfaced in the Lake Zone forcing parents and guardians of children with albinism to take them to the centres for safe custody. 
This in turn has negatively impacted on the management of the some of centres which are  now overwhelmed by the number of such children.
The head of Buhangija centre Peter Ajali told reporters that the increase of children at the centre had affected the availability of food and accommodation because the number is higher than the capacity of the centre to accommodate them. 
Ajali said due to the increase which is almost 50 per cent three children are forced to share a bed, while at times some go without food. 
He said many of the children come from Tabora, Mwanza, Geita, Simiyu, Mara and Shinyanga regions, notoriously renowned for the killings of people with albinism on superstitious beliefs.
 Ajali called on Good Samaritans to assist the centre get supplies food and accommodation to save the lives of children with albinism who are staying  at the centre. He also called on parents and guardians of children with albinism who are taking refuge in the centre to regularly pay them a visit to know the challenges facing the children.
“Some parents and guardians just dump their children at the centre and never come back to visit them. They leave everything to the centre which is however, cash stripped and depends on donations,” he said.
Special Seats Councilor, Siri Yasini said children at the centre are living in a very difficult and unhygienic environment which can easily expose them to diseases.
Assistant Mayor of the Shinyanga Municipal Council David Nkulila called on other regional administrators to assist the centre get the necessary needs for the children instead of leaving everything to the Shinyanga Municipal Council alone. 
Beatrice Lema, a girl with albinism from Tabora who is being cared at the centre appealed to parents and guardians to visit them regularly and experience the hardships they are going through because of financial constraints.

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